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From local providers and resources to advice and personal stories - the Autism Speaks directory can help you find the autism services and information you need. Skip to main content ... Looking for our Resource Guide? Visit Now. X. Young child (0-3) School age (4-12) Adolescent (13-17) Young Adults (18-21) Adults (22+) Person with Autism. Parent..

Teaching Students with Autism: A Guide for Educators | NEA.

In this guide, we cover areas key to building an inclusive education that sets educators and students up for success from day 1. The guide include sections on: collaborating with families and caregivers; collaborating with education support professionals, specialized instruction support personnel, and others part of the IEP team.

Autism and Bipolar Disorder | Autism Speaks.

May 22, 2014 . This week's "Got Questions?" answer comes from psychiatrist Jessica Hellings, MD, and psychologist Andrea Witwer, PhD, program directors at Ohio State University's Nisonger Center, which is part of Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network.. For those of you not familiar with bipolar disorder, it's a mood disorder once known as "manic depression.".

Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (DS-ASD).

Yes! In fact, about 16-18% of people with Down syndrome also have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) (Richards et al., 2015).However, it is important to know that: Like autistic people, people with Down syndrome have a range of skills and vary in achieving developmental milestones.

Autism in Teens: Helping Your Child Through Puberty - Autism Speaks.

Sep 05, 2018 . We hope you find our advice post a useful addition to the Autism Speaks ATN/AIR-P Puberty and Adolescence Resource: A Guide for Parents, ... (Find tips on how to broach this conversation in the Autism Speaks puberty guide.) School challenges Most everyone finds middle school and high school more difficult than grade school. For children on the ....